How to Be Famous: Our Guide to Looking the Part, Playing the Press, and Becoming a Tabloid Fixture

Ok so where do I begin, WOW, I don’t follow Celebrities and their lives nor do I really care.  This book is crazy with the way they are trying to teach people how to become famous all the while tooting their own horns.  The way this book was written is horrible, it’s all over the place in first person and third person references, when reading you forget who is actually writing the section since it changes so often.

The saving grace of this book was the fact that it was not truly the full 144 pages that a number of pages were filled with pictures that you didn’t have to look at.  Talking about playing the media, plastic surgery and being a villain and a bad guy shows us that, they do not live in reality but in a fantasy world.  Throughout the book they make references to other celebrities and the life they lead and how they break up and or date people to enhance their own status, ok how low and self-consumed is that.

I mean come on, people who lead real lives will not look at this book other than a publicity stunt on the behalf of the two so called authors who wanted to get back into the spotlight for a little more and to line their pockets.  I would not have even looked at this book if it wasn’t sent to me for a review, this is something that I see as ridiculous and a waste of time, the book is not helpful nor insightful.  It’s a bunch of fluff used to fill pages of a book and to incorporate more time in the spotlight for the couple.  The book is humorous but not worth the $19.99 price tag, I wouldn’t pay even a dollar for it.

Review by Chrissy Shattuck