Hung: Season 2 (PREVIEW)

What do you do when you were once great in high school but now you’re just a guy that’s divorced with two kids? You become a male hooker of course. That is if you are well endowed like Ray Drecker (played by Thomas Jane) and you have a pimp like Tanya Skagle (played by Jane Adams). Though being a male hooker is not turning out to be the easiest job in the world for Ray. Ray has to deal with not only one pimp but a second one who is just overbearing and wants to control everything, Lenore (played by Rebecca Creskoff).

With episode 1 of season 2, “Just the Tip”, Ray finds out that he has to have sex with a pregnant woman. At first he’s having trouble because he just don’t know what to do with her or for her. Does he help her out because her marriage is on the rocks or does he do his job by having sex with her? While Ray is dealing with that, his two pimps Tanya and Lenore are butting heads over on who will be controlling Ray. These two women are polar opposites of each other. Tanya being a mousey woman who don’t really have the confidence in herself to do what she wants, while Lenore is strong and sure of herself and takes pleasure in stepping on mousey women. While at his main job of being a high school coach, Ray is trying to deal with the school taking away money from the sports department.

In episode 2, “Tucson is the Gateway to Dick”, Ray has made up his mind about the pregnant woman that has been one of his paying customers. That decision is one that leads him into trouble with Lenore. Though while Lenore is trying to deal with Ray and his advice, Tanya has taken it upon herself to get Ray a new client, one that could make or break her. Then Jessica Haxon (played by Anne Heche), the ex-wife to Ray, embarrasses her daughter Darby (played by Sianona Smit-McPhee) by showing up at a protest that Darby is at.

Episode 3, “Mind Bullets or Bang Bang Bang Motherfucker”, Tanya has been going to another pimp for some pimply advice. She’s tired of the way Lenore deals with her and treats her so Tanya wants to know what to do from someone that’s been doing the job already. Troubles at the home of Jessica is still being troublesome but she’s not making it any easier with having the bowling nights with Ray.

Episode 4, Sing it Again, Ray or Home Plate”, finds Rays son Damon Drecker (played by Charlie Saxton) lashing out by going out to the high school baseball field late at night. To get some help with this problem for his son Ray asks Tanya to help him out some and she does, by introducing Damon to a new crowd. Ray is not the only one getting advice by friends, Jessica goes to her friend Lenore to get some help on her marriage.

Hung is a show on HBO that is geared for people that can watch a show that’s about sex. It’s not a graphic show, though there is nudity in it, mainly it’s just the women on the show that show the most though Thomas Jane does get naked in it he does not show anything other than his butt. There are sex scenes as well that do show them having sex but it’s not graphic or pornographic in nature either. Though I got to give it to all the actors in this show that have the sex scenes because it has to be tough to be able to do that kind of acting and be able to pull it off without looking uncomfortable.

Thomas Jane does a great job in Hung as the character Ray. He’s this guy that just wants to be able to make some money and finds out that his one true talent is in having sex for money. This is a job that he seems both a little comfortable with and a little put off by but he does it anyways because it’s now helping him with his home life and with being able to use some of the money for the sports department at his job at school.

The show is a funny show, it’s got some good wit to it, the writing is smooth, and the acting is believable. Each of the characters seem like they would be people that I could know in real life and would never figure them to be pimps and hookers. It’s not a joking show though and it’s not a show that’s just a comedy but it is still good. I had some chuckles but being that the show is a drama the few laughs I got from the show fit perfectly with it and any more would hurt the show.

Having a show where the content is about a guy that is well endowed and has become a male hooker is a show that could have easily went into the trashcan. If it had tried to be shown any other channel than a premium movie channel it would not and could not have lasted long. It was able to get me hooked on it with just these 4 episodes because the characters are interesting to watch and I want to know what is going to happen next. The sex that takes place in the show is done well where it’s not the reason to watch the show, it’s not distracting, and it’s not underplayed either. Each of the sex scenes play a role in how the character Ray ends up acting in the show and how other characters like Lenore and Tanya end up being.

At first I thought Hung would be a show that’s just trying to be a gimmick by having it’s main character being well endowed. That this reason is what the show was going to be about and how it was trying to make it but it ended up being about the characters and how they deal with their problems. Being a male hooker and a pimp that’s got to fight for money from another pimp who is working the same male hooker is not easy but it’s sure is fun to watch. Though it’s not on the levels of a great show, it’s a good show with good characters. The writing is as I said, witty, though not awe inspiring it gets the job done by making the show interesting.

Lee Roberts
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