Impractical Jokers: The Complete Second Season

Impractical Jokers: The Complete Second Season

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Season 2 of Impractical Jokers is here and Joe Gatto, James Murray, Brian Quinn and Sal Vulcano are at it again as they give each other dares that will be humiliating for eac of them while being funny to both the viewer and to the cast. These four friends compete with each other by having to go up to complete strangers to ask them personal questions, making fools of themselves, and going against each other to see who is funnier. At the end of these dares and jokes, the joker that that wasn't funny or just couldn't do what was dared of him, ends up being punished with doing something so outrageous that it almost makes you feel sorry for him, but with all the laughter being caused by this it's hard to tell if that's actually feeling sorry for him or just your stomach muscles hurting. 
TRU TV has another season of this show where four guys pull dares and jokes on each other and people in the public in an attempt to embarrass each other. At least I think that's their goal, that and to make some money with their realtiy show while getting to be comedians in the process. I have to admit, it's not that bad of a show, at least for a realtiy show, it did make me laugh. I've seen season one of this show and I thought it was an alright show and it did make me laugh, more so then what I first expected it would. This season is about the same but to be honest I wasn't as impressed with this season as I was with the first. Maybe it was because the first season was the first time I'd seen the show and I didn't know what to expect it was funnier. Now that I knew what to expect and what I was going to be getting from this show, the jokes and dares just wasn't as funny or as shocking.
Their humor and the dares/jokes being used on the show is still low brow humor that don't require you to do much thining. The format of the shows also remains the same as each of the guys give each other dares, if they refuse to do them or can't complete the dare, then they loose. Now if they do loose or they don't do the dare they end up having to do something at the end of the show that's going to be so much worse then the original dare. There are a few times that the end jokes where a bit much, case in point is the opening episode that has the end joke being one of them having to dig around a pile of poop. Sure it was funny but still a bit disgusting, then again maybe it's just me that found it to be disgusting having a guy dig around in a pile of poop, but at least I still see the humor in it. It's a funny show, it didn't leave me in stitches as the saying goes, I didn't bust a gut either, but I did laugh and I did laugh out loud at times while watching this show. With that in mind I really can't say that the show is bad because it did what it's supposed to do, make me laugh. Plus there was one episode that featured a comic book shop and well that right there gets some bonus points from me. 
Before I end this review with the general idea that this was a show with no faults other than being a reality show, it still has one major problem that it kept from season one, the editing. This show is all about laughing, the flow of the show, and these jokes need to be constant where they start and end without being interrupted. Yes, I know this is a show on television, there has to be commercials, but it's not that there are commericals that I have the problem with, it's where they are placed. Instead of putting the commercials at the end of a joke they do it in the middle of one and then when they come back to the show they repeat the lead in to the joke. Even though this is one TV, it's still a joke, so just imagine if I or a friend was stand there in front of you right now, (I'll use the simple knock know as example), I'm going to tell you a joke, knock knock, who's there, who, who who. Ok now I just walk off for 3 to 5 minutes, come back and start the whole joke over. Yeah I know the example ain't particually funny but you can see my meaning, a funny joke that has got you laughing, it's building, and you are waiting for that end moment, then it stops, you have to wait, and then you get that set up again that you just heard before you finally get the ending. It's annoying and because of this the flow of the jokes is lost, some of them that might have made me bust a gut and think this was one of the funniest shows I've seen now is not. Even though I watched this on DVD and those breaks where quick, if I were to have watched this while on air, those commercials just hurt the show so much. Still, even with the loss of the flow of the jokes, this show still remains funny, the guys still go out and get each other laughing and it's always funny to see unsuspecting people get pulled into the jokes. 
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