In Treatment: Season Two
Did You Know?

Mark Wahlberg, who also executive produces HBO's Entourage, performs the same function on In Treatment.

Paul finds himself facing a lawsuit from the estate of a deceased patient as well as discovering that maybe his passion for the job is faltering in season two of the HBO series In Treatment. What more can you say to describe the show but that it’s a view into the world of psychotherapy. Its not the slow moving process of realization, release, and relief that can take years but a supercharged amount of sessions each resulting in some new life affirming revelations. Not real therapy per se but an interesting for discussion points model that deals with human nature and the similar shapes denial comes in regardless of how distant a handful of problems between strangers seems.

Gabriel Byrne (The Usual Suspects) plays Paul, a seemingly Christ figure, whose own life seems to parallel and even come into focus with each clients story, in a sense forcing him to confront the problems in his own life or find some way of ignoring them. By doing so he uncovers a relief for his patients, maybe not an end all to their problems, but he suffers trying to get a grip on his own life, again, seemingly at his own expense. On top of his worries with work he’s dealing with a lawsuit, the reemergence of forgotten relationships, and his reluctance to get closer to his Father. What the show does is barely opens up a window for you to see a partial view of his real problems and focuses on his patients whose problems range from sickness, relationship issues, and identity crisis.

At best I found the show intriguing but slow. Your going to find a depth here that will open up a new ideology as far as what you think you know about the situations in the show and what may pertain to your own life. In a sense this is therapy television without the therapy. A proverbial Pandora’s box of feelings and emotions coinciding with events that anyone can touch upon and in the end probably will if they give the show a chance. While its not absolutely engrossing heavy thinkers will come back for more.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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