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Is This A Zombie?

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

“Is this a Zombie?” is a Japanese manga (comic book novel) turned Anime (cartoon) that made its TV debut in Japan in 2011. The show had 2 seasons with the 2nd season being released on DVD starting September 24th. “Is this a Zombie?” revolves around a zombie named Ayumu, a necromancer named Eu, a vampire ninja named Seraphim, and a magical garment girl named Haruna. They all live in the same house and protect the world from monsters while trying to live normal lives as teenagers going to high school. To complicate matters even worse, Ayumu accidentally takes Haruna’s powers making him into a cross-dressing magical garment girl. Shakefire had a chance to watch and review the 2nd season of the show and I ended up with a lot of confusion and eyebrow-raising moments.
I usually love Japanese anime and manga, but this particular series was one of the oddest and most unusual things I have ever seen in my life. The music was very good and the animation was very unique, but those were the only saving graces for this series. The plot did not make a lot of sense and there was a lot more romance and high school drama than actual monster fighting. I found most of the episodes to be a huge waste of time ad the show itself lacked a clear direction.
I am used to the over-exaggeration and over-sexualization in Japanese manga/anime, but I felt “Is this a Zombie?” took it to a whole new level. Even though this is a cartoon, it is not in any way suitable for kids of younger audiences. To make matters worse, the English dubbed voice-overs hardly ever matched the English subtitles to make matters even more confusing. The series itself is a total skip because there are better Japanese Manga/Anime out there for you to watch instead. For those reasons, I am giving the 2nd season of “Is this a Zombie?” a “D+.”

Paul Arca
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