Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost
Bottom Line:

Don't spend 50 bucks on a sleep machine, just buy this movie

 Jesse Stone is the next detective story in a series of made fro tv movies that has been around since 2006. Mr. Magnum P.I. himself Tom Selleck stars as the titular character. This series follows Stone, who is a retired cop who keeps coming back to solve another murder or whatever grinds his gears. Here, a young women he helped get out of addiction dies and the film follows his investigation. 


If that description sounds boring, believe me, IT IS. This is just as mundane as a movie can get. The performances are forgettable, there is not one memorable bit of direction, and the script is uninspired. 


There is seriously nothing I reccomend this movie on. Even if you are a die hard fan of the book series or detective films, I still can't see any reason to watch this. I can't even get mad at the movie cause it does nothing to elicit a reaction. As I'm writing this review, I am actually having trouble to remember what happened despite only watching it last night. Well hey, maybe there are some interesting special features right? WRONG! There is not one special feature on this dvd. Honestly Selleck, just retire.

Review by Alex Tracy