Jihae: Afterthought


Release Date: 
Thursday, June 12, 2008

What do director Michael Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and musician Lenny Kravitz have in common? This album. Both played backing instruments on the album which boasts a sophisticated layer upon layer of sound that equals out to a soft yet large sounding electronic buzz which compliments Jihae’s vocal work well.

Afterthought is a remix E.P. which boasts five tracks in its entirety but unlike other remix albums you won’t find simple variations or harsh experimentations here that kill the spirit of a song. After Thought has all the potency you’d get from a Tweaker album or a Flaming Lips album. You’ve got well delivered vocals and flirtatious electronic music intertwining with your guitars, bass, and drums that helps the E.P. obtain almost epic quality. The only track which does not obtain a remix is track one Simple Man which still carries the formula the rest of the album incorporates but includes a poppy core that should work well to draw in listeners before exposing them to the less radio friendly tracks. Track two, Faint, is a moodier number which has a darker feel to it but also, I think, works well as a buffer before the Nina Simone remake, Do I Move You, to allow Simone fans to get a better look at Jihae’s style before ultimately dismissing her for attempting such a feat. The E.P. is very well put together and should appease fans of both electronic music as well as jazz and blues and alternative music.

Aside from Jihae being a musician who has contributed music to various film soundtracks she will also star in Richard Kroehling’s TransBeMan as a poet/singer from the future. Jihae can also be seen in a video art instillation which features her voice and her acting talents in Gerald Byrne’s “Interview”. Afterthought is an album that works well as a stand alone and in some respect I feel overshadows the original releases of the albums counterparts all except for the Nina Simone remake of Do I Move You which is more purists on the album. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
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