Kitty's House of Horrors

Kitty's House of Horrors

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Friday, January 1, 2010
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What kind of person would you be, if you were also a werewolf?  That is a question that Kitty has to ask herself everyday.  As a radio DJ and a werewolf she has made the decision to be out in the open about who and what she is, will this help her or hinder her.  In the peak of her career she is approached about a reality TV show that is in the works, this show is suppose to be about being a supernatural and convincing a skeptic, but something is just not right and they all sense it once they arrive.

Away from her family in the Montana countryside, Kitty is being challenged to ignore all of her instincts and trust others that she normally would not.  In a cabin filled with psychics, vampires, and others, Kitty and her new friends are about to face a force that could change their lives forever.  Not having the security of her own pack she is forced to control her wolf instincts and try to survive the darkness that has fallen over the cabin.  After the mysterious death of one of the participants all parties are on full alert for what is next.

A war is raging; a shadow has been cast across the cabin, whom will survive, who is responsible?  Doubt and fear have taken over; Kitty and her friends soon learn that reality TV is a killing, but why?  Are they going to be able to work together to get out of this or will they tear each other apart in the process?

Could you imagine a world where supernatural’s really existed?  How would you react?  Would you consider them just part of the community or wage a war against them.  These are all topics that are included in this book about what would happen if this were true.  A fairly fast read, the book will have you from the beginning, with the character creation and the way it’s written, you will be able to envision everything that is happening as well as everyone involved. 

Review by Chrissy Shattuck