Knight & Day

Knight & Day

In Theatres: 
Jun 23, 2010
Running Time: 
110 minutes

Gerard Butler, Chris Tucker and Adam Sandler were considered for the role of Roy Miller before Tom Cruise signed on.

 I'll be the first to admit that the box office this summer is looking incredibly weak: Sex & The City 2 performed well under what it could have (if it wasn't terrible, which it is), and popcorn-induced action movies have been handed to us in the form of the underrated A-Team and the incredibly horrible Jonah Hex. Will we soon see a movie that is not only worth our $10.50, but also has us begging for more? Well, the answer is as clear as Knight & Day. 

Super agent, Roy Miller (Tom Cruise), finds himself stuck with a beautiful auto-mechanic, June Havens (Cameron Diaz). After many attempts of putting June in safe hands, Roy is forced to work together to save the world from a corrupt ex-partner (Peter Sarsgaard). Through jet planes, speed boats and even a motorcycle escape during the running of the bulls in Spain, Miller and Havens do all they can to protect a young super-genius (the excellent Paul Dano) and his newest invention, The Zephyr: A super-powered battery that is the largest source of power next to the sun. 

Tom Cruise, through all you've put us through, I can't help but applaud you for this movie. He has done it again. Cruise has finally created a role that has us looking past his crazy roles in PEOPLE magazine covers and TMZ articles. He has escaped the asylum of gossip and perfected what he does best: Giving the world a reason to go to the theater. His Roy Miller is thoughtful, insane, generous, assertive and just flat out ridiculous. His shoot-first, kill-second approach brings many laughs to the screen as well as a great amount of action. There have been many comments on how this is the first great action movie of the summer. And I'd have to agree.

In fact, I'm surprised how good Knight & Day turned out to be. Don't get me wrong, it will not break any records and won't be nominated for any oscars. But the humor and action of this movie feel so well-balanced and fresh that we won't care where Knight & Day goes, as long as we can find it. The casting of Paul Dano as the genius inventor, Simon Fegg, was 100% fantastic. Paul Dano is completely underrated in some movies (watch There Will Be Blood...NOW) and sadly caught in movies where he is overlooked (Little Miss Sunshine). Regardless of where he is, he plays his role with such emotion and intrigue that he almost seems like the only character on-screen. 

The only downside of Knight & Day is the casting of Cameron Diaz. While she is indeed a powerhouse performer in some aspects, she just doesn't bring the heat when it comes to bringing June Havens to the screen. Tom Cruise is completely believable as Roy Miller, while Peter Sarsgaard has you guessing until the end as to who is really the villain as Agent Fitzgerald. Diaz brings laughs, but that's about it. With a better casting on the role of Havens, Knight & Day could have been one of the best character-pieces in a very long time. But, that's not what director James Mangold was intending. He meant to direct a hilarious, action-packed adventure and boy, does he deliver. 

Even with my disputes about Cameron Diaz, she still brings humor and life to the screen. And with the help of Paul Dano and a top-notch Tom Cruise on his A-game, Knight & Day is the most fun you'll have this summer at the box office. 

Ryan Sterritt
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