Kroll Show: Seasons One & Two

Kroll Show: Seasons One & Two

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014
If you’ve ever seen The League you’re probably familiar with Nick Kroll who plays Rodney Ruxin on the show. Kroll extended his brand by creating The Kroll Show, a sketch comedy show that features some of the most memorable characters that I can think of. My favorite has to be C-Czar, a two bit wannabe who pops up in a sketch starring Andy Milonakis and Kroll as Doctor Armond, a plastic surgeon for pets. That character, like a lot of the characters on the show, grow in this interconnected world of mishaps that will leave you floored with laughter. 
The first season of the show seemed to test some idea’s. You’ll quickly forget Sex In The City For Men, which is pretty much gone after only a couple of episodes, but once the show figures out it’s characters progression turns them from laughable goons to actual characters you come to care about.
Since I’m a movie and TV guy, and my family likes to watch a lot of reality television that pretty much disgusts me, I find it often hilarious when Kroll takes ideas from shows like Ghost Adventures, Big Brother House, and Rock Of Love. Kroll manages to take these concepts and kind of put them on display for what they really are. Bobby Bottleservice, who also pops up in many different iterations, stars as a paranormal detective in the recurring skit Ghost Bouncers in which he depicts a Zack Baggins type character. He also does some hilarious work with Brooklyn 99’s Chelsea Peretti who would later star together in a skit titled Gigolo House in which the show pokes fun at Big Brother House. Finally Kroll does a fantastic Bret Michael’s impersonation as Nash Rickey, a former rock star looking to find himself and reunite his old band mates for one last go. Incredible. 
There’s so much to love about The Kroll Show, even the title sequence for the show is amazing. Bonus material includes Kroll Karaoke, Original Music Videos, PubLIZity Interview, The Uncut Doctor Armond Trial (comedy gold), and audio commentary from Cast & Creators. 
Sure, the show can be watched on Hulu or even at Comedy Central, but once you get a taste of this amazing show you’ll want to add it to your collection. I highly suggest checking it out. Enjoy. 
AJ Garcia
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