Lady Bird

Lady Bird

In Theatres: 
Nov 17, 2017
Running Time: 
93 minutes

For better or worse, the end of high school marks the beginning of a new chapter for many. College applications, moving out of your parents’ house, summer romances; it’s all a chance to reinvent ourselves for a new audience. Lady Bird is a coming of age film that gives a glimpse into the life of Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson (Saoirse Ronan) and her chaotic final year of highschool as she attempts to figure her entire future out. As much of a personal journey it is for her, it’s one we can all relate to thanks in part to Greta Gerwig’s brilliant directing of her own script. Lady Bird sings loudly and is one of best films of the year.


Nothing is ever easy for Christine McPherson, who prefers to be called by her “given to herself” name of Lady Bird. Her final year of high school marks the start of new beginnings as she applies to various out-of-state colleges against the wishes of her overbearing mother (Laurie Metcalf). Meanwhile she is still trying to just get through high school, which includes falling in love, finding a job for the summer, and getting along with her friends and fellow classmates. That may seem like no big deal to most, but nothing is ever that simple for Lady Bird.


Lady Bird feels more real than most coming of age type movies, and it’s because of Saoirse Ronan’s beautiful performance. She’s your typical rebellious teenage, but she also has a good heart as she tries to figure her whole life out, at least that’s what she thinks. For a teenager such as herself, the end of high school might as well be the biggest moment in your life. We only get brief glimpses into Lady Bird’s life, but Gerwig’s script makes it seem like we’ve known her forever.


There’s a surprising amount of comedy thrown in as well. You’ll laugh at Lady Bird and her best friend as they chow down on Communion wafers like they were chips as they discuss masturbation or just the general absurdity of everyday life at a Catholic high school. Every scene is impactful, and there are no lulls whatsoever in its tight 93 minute run time. If anything, I would have loved to spend more time with the film, it’s that good.


Greta Gerwig makes one of the most impressive directorial debuts with Lady Bird. It’s a near perfect combination of drama, humor, and heart. All it takes is one minute with Lady Bird or any of the other characters for that matter, and you’ll instantly fall in love.

Matt Rodriguez
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