Little Fockers

Little Fockers

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Dec 22, 2010

First we met the parents in 2000. Next we met the Fockers in 2004. Now, it's time to meet the offspring of Greg and Pam with Little Fockers.

Both the Burns and Fockers return for the threequel, along with others from the families' complicated pasts including Pam's ex-fiancé, Kevin (Owen Wilson). The film is much of the same material we've seen before. Even after years of marriage and two 5-year-old twins, Greg (Ben Stiller) is still looking for Jack's (Robert De Niro) approval. Naturally, Jack rarely gives Greg the benefit of the doubt, resorting to using his skills as a CIA agent to stalk him and find out what exactly he's up to.

After suffering a minor heart attack, Jack realizes that he isn't going to be around forever and that it is up to Greg to become the "Godfocker" as he puts it, and take care of the family. Greg's attempts to rise up and bond with Jack typically end up doing more damage than good, almost to the point of breaking up the family...again. Jessica Alba joins the cast as a sexy new pharmaceutical rep who wants to sell Greg more than just drugs, making matters even more complicated.

Just as things start to go in the right direction though, something happens to make Jack disapprove of Greg, resulting in him questioning his ability as a husband and this time around, a father. Even at his age, De Niro manages to trade blow for blow with Stiller. He's still the crazy, security obsessed, father-in-law we saw in Meet the Parents.

Greg's parents are almost just as bad, only in the complete opposite side of the spectrum. The free spirited Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman continue to coddle Greg and the kids, although it isn't as extreme as it was in Meet the Fockers. Bernie in particular, is the cool dad of your friend. Having him as your father though would likely end in a disaster. 

Little Fockers isn't so much about little Henry and Samantha Focker as it is about Greg and Jack. That's what these films have always been about and this one is no different; it's down to the same formula. While that was perfectly fine for the first two, it has definitely ran its course by the third. There are occasional moments that are good for a quick laugh, but ultimately it's nothing new.

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