Love, Wedding, Marriage (BLU-RAY)

Love Wedding Marriage

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Running Time: 
90 Minutes

Director Dermot Mulroney began his career as an actor starring in such films as Young Guns, The Wedding Date, and is currently in the new Taylor Lautnor film Abduction.

Love Wedding Marriage follows in the same line as every other story about yuppies in love. Two overly successful professionals get married, one a marriage counselor (Mandy Moore), meanwhile the brides parents are getting divorced and throwing her idea’s about marriage into the blender. What’s a successful marriage counselor who lives in a fantasy world where love is concerned going to do?

This film has problems. When I look at my rather massive collection of good to great romantic comedies I see that there is a formula that needs to be adhered to unless some unfathomable life lesson can be derived from the story by taking a unique path. Unfortunately Love Wedding Marriage misses the mark on both accounts. While Mandy Moore and Kellan Lutz front the packaging its really the Mandy Moore show. Lutz is made available for shirtless cameo’s and making puppy dog eyes into the camera at the beginning of the film. There’s just no chemistry between the two that would make you feel anything for their predicament. Moore’s character, again, a successful marriage counselor, is doing all that she can to keep her parents together while ignoring her newly formed marriage. Her ideal’s are sappy and unprofessional and Moore fails miserable at bringing across her character with any smarts. Its kind of like that crappy Uwe Boll film where Tara Reid is hired on to play a smarty pants scientist. I’m just not feeling this role from Moore. Everything else, meh, its all pretty much generic drivel that settles for being what it is.

The picture is pretty inconsistent. There is a lot of the usual near/far problems that some lesser HD films have. The closer you get the better looking the picture gets. The farther you get the more grain, loss of black levels, and overall soft shots occur. Interior shots have a lot of grain and so do exterior night shots. When the film is on it looks good but when its off, which felt like a majority of the time, I lost interest in what was already a bad movie. Audio is fine but there’s not a whole lot about its use through a surround sound system that will wow you. Dialogue is crisp at least.



AJ Garcia
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