Low Winter Sun: Season 1

Low Winter Sun

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Low Winter Sun finds new life on DVD

Crime drama has been done to death on television and will continue to be because they tap into so many parts of the human psyche. As such, there are a lot of these shows floating around, and some really good ones become forgotten. This is the case of “Low Winter Sun” which ran for ten weeks in 2013. This remake of British two part miniseries is a smart, gritty take on the usual tales of corruption and revenge that have been told before many times before.  As good as “Low Winter Sun” was during it’s initial run it was faced with an unenviable task of keeping viewers around after AMC closed the books on “Breaking Bad”.

The show’s pilot begins with a pair of Detroit cops, Frank Agnew (Mark Strong) and Joe Geddes (Lennie James), killing another and attempting to make it look like a suicide. It is later revealed that the murdered cop, Brendan McCann (Michael McGrady), was being investigated by Internal Affairs for his connection to a criminal organization. Along the way, more layers peel away, with more of this cast of characters revealing that they may be as corrupt as the not so dearly departed McCann.

Detroit plays as an excellent backdrop for such a hard-boiled tale. There’s something about the seemingly perpetually depressed visage that the city has displayed over recent years that definitely adds to the mystique of a show like this. There’s something to be said for location being an extra character in a show or film, and Detroit does not disappoint in regards to “Low Winter Sun”.

Since the show only ran for one season, there are only ten episodes. Special features are pretty sparse, but that shouldn’t deter one from hunting down a copy if they happen to be a fan of a good crime drama. “Low Winter Sun” is yet another example of a great show that got a raw deal from its network.

Review by Justin LaGrande