Medium: The Complete First Season


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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ever since she was a child Allison DuBois has been different, which is probably due to the fact that she can see and talk to the dead. But now it appears that she has finally found a job which uses her abilities for good. She works as a consultant to law enforcement helping them solve crimes and murders by using her psychic powers. Besides having this gift Allison also has 2 daughters and a husband and deals with trying to keep up with the housework, picking the kids up, making dinner, and spending time with her husband. It is not easy but it is all in a day’s work.

Surprisingly this show isn’t as redundant as I thought it would be. Even though the same powers are used over and over again the crimes and stories are different. And just because Allison is gifted often she has to interpret what she sees and sometimes she is not only dead on. About the only thing to watch out for in this series is how Allison and her husband relate at times can get annoying especially when it appears he does not believe her even after all he has seen. Season one has 16 episodes, commentaries on select episodes, deleted scenes for select episodes, a making of, the story of, a gag reel, TV spots, interpreting Allison DuBois, and a look at the real Allison DuBois.

Review by Pandora
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