Mimi Page: Breathe Me In

Breathe Me In

(Mimi Page)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Comes along with a booklet that gives the lyrics to the songs

Electronica music is one of the genres that I usually have to be in the mood to like. Reason being is it’s a dance music, the kind where it gives you the urge to move your body, not in the spastic way that techno has but one in a rhythmic way. Mimi Page has captured that rhythmic feeling nicely with her album Breath Me In. From the start of the CD I was drawn into wanting to listen to the songs. At first I couldn’t quite put my finger on what made me interested in the songs. Was it the tempo of the instruments being played, maybe it was the meaning of the songs, or possibly the sound of Mimi Page’s voice?
When the CD was finished and I had heard all 12 tracks I realized that it was the combination of the lyrics, the tempo, the beats, and the vocals that made me like the songs. Most of all though it was the tempo of the songs that I liked, being not too quick yet having a nice rate to the pacing of the beats to give them a rhythmic sound. If the songs had a quicker beat to them they would have become this horrible dance song played at clubs. What Breath Me In is are songs that have a tempo that makes you want to sit back and just relax and be in the moment.
Though I must give credit to Mimi Page for her vocals. She has this hypnotic sound to her voice that just drew me in. It’s not an extraordinary voice, there are times that I can hear the equalizer being used to change the way she sounds. What drew me into liking her vocals is how she has a good feel for the structure of her songs. She knew when to make the chords short and when to hold the note. She has given the songs some complexity even though they don’t sound like a few people are playing them, which is some talent right there. At times I didn’t care for the retentiveness of some of the lyrics but when she does do this it’s not overused or blunt. Breath Me In will make a good CD for when I just want to come home to relax and let the day wash away.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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