Mindless Behavior: #1 Girl

#1 Girl

(Mindless Behavior)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 20, 2011

“#1 Girl” is Mindless Behavior’s debut album. The group members are all 13 years old and their names are Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, and Princeton. Mindless Behavior was formed after Conjunction Production and Streamline Records came up with a new concept for a group and decided to hold open auditions. On this album, they mix pop, hip-hop, and R&B with a futuristic twist.

Most of the beats on this album were decent. You can hear the pop influence on “#1 Girl” and the R&B influence on “Hook it Up,” “Missing You,” and “”Future.” My favorite song on the whole album was “Girls talkin’ Bout.” I loved the beat, it was very catchy, and it had a grown up sound. I just wish Mindless Behavior used this formula on the rest of their album.

I found a lot of issues with “#1 Girl.” I could tell they were heavily influenced by other groups, such as New Edition, B2K, and Immature, but they were not anywhere near to being as good as these great groups were just yet. For instance, I thought they were repetitive and a bit annoying because they would repeat several lines and the title of the song way too often throughout the album. In addition, I thought their lyrics were cheesy, tame, and way too childish. Another issue I found was their voices were too high pitched and I found it too difficult to distinguish one group member from another because they all sounded the same. To make matters worse, they chose to abuse auto tune on “Uh-oh” and “Future” which further made me question if they had any singing talent at all. Mindless Behavior has a lot to work on if they want to be one of the great boy bands.

I think if they stuck with the formula they used on “Girls talkin’ Bout,” this album would have been a lot more enjoyable. As I was listening to the album, I noticed myself shaking my head in shame and cringing quite a bit. This album might appeal more to a younger audience, but everyone else would see right through all the dance moves, fireworks, and smoke screen. For those reasons, I am giving this album a “D.”

Paul Arca
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