Monamour (BLU-RAY)


On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Running Time: 
154 minutes

Tinto Brass began his career making big budget films, his most famous being Caligula. While starting in the movie business he worked with such legendary filmmakers as Federico Fellini and Roberto Rossellini.

Tinto Brass’ 2005 Monamour has quickly been slotted, by most internet websites I perused to get info on this release, as not one of his best. Italy’s Tinto Brass films exploitative soft core films featuring the female form on display and said female more tiringly promiscuous then one man’s fantasy can care to imagine. As I watched the first twenty minutes of the film I mostly laughed at the overtly wild sexual expressions given off by the films heroine, played by Anna Jimskaia, who thrashes from side to side, back and forth, her head flipping and flopping like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. Seeing as how I knew that I wouldn’t be able to take this film seriously I gave up and threw logic to the wind.

Marta and Dario have been married for less then a year and their marital bliss has come to an end due to a poor love life. Dario no longer satisfies Marta and she spends most of her time reading erotic literature and fantasizing about sex. One day, while out and about, she meets a Frenchman named Leon whom she begins a sordid affair with. Eventually Dario finds out, they have a spat, and in the end Marta must decide weather or not she should stay with Dario and leave him to pursue other ventures. As we follow this storyline we drop in on several of Marta’s sexual encounters, the camera eating up every square inch (literally) of Marta’s form.

Weather or not this film is meant to be taken seriously is beyond the point. The acting is overly dramatic and horrid, the story is weak, and the overall package is nothing shy of an embarrassment. As I researched this film on-line to get a broader perspective of what people, other then myself think, I found a lot of people who called this an art form and debated anyone who disagreed with it as someone who probably just hates art. Comparing it to marble statuettes of naked Greek God’s and Goddesses. Sorry. This is basically the trash you run across when your skimming through cable channels in the late to early morning hours of the day. Nothing thought provoking or beautiful about it in my opinion. Not even a decent film.

Surprisingly Monamour has a beautiful BD transfer that offers up a spectacular solidity in black levels, little to no grain, fine color schemes, and a superb clarity and sharpness. It looks to be more towards a TV type HD but it is remarkable how almost flawless this movie looks. Fans looking to get their hands on this film will be more then happy with how good it looks. Unfortunately the audio doesn’t enter high definition territory keeping its mix from its DVD predecessor.

~The Making of Monamour
~Kick The Cock - A 16+ Minute short film located on a second disc which features its own bonus features:
~The Making of "Kick the Cock"
~Comic strip by Franco Saudelli
~Venice Film Festival Premiere with Tinto Brass (Circuito Off 2008, Media Group TV)
~Spanish Dance by Angelita Franco

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