Monsters, Inc. (BLU-RAY)

Monsters, Inc

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 32 Minutes

Since the launch of blu-ray, Disney has been at the forefront of the technology.  The quality is second to none and the special features are always heavy.  Now, with the release of UP and Monsters, Inc they have taken it a step farther with these incredible 4-disc combo packs featuring 2 blu-ray discs, standard DVD and a digital copy.

Incredible.  Out of all the high quality blu-rays, CGI movies stand out as the best.  Even for a pre-BD era movie, the transfer is incredible.

Digital Copy, Standard DVD, The original DVD features, Commentary, Making-Of the Monsters Inc attraction at Tokyo Disneyland, roundtable with the filmmakers.

Monsters Inc is one of my favorites of the Pixar catalog and this release certainly does it justice (even though we had to wait a bit too long - releasing this AFTER A Bug's Life, really?).  The quality is great, the original bonus features are good (though, disappointingly, not transferred to high definition) and the new bonus features, though entertaining, are really only a one-time watch.  All in all, a great release of one of the best animated films of the CGI generation.

Peter Oberth
Review by Peter Oberth
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