Morning Light (BLU-RAY)

Morning Light

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Running Time: 
98 Minutes

The length of the race in the film is clocked in at 2,500 mile but the ESPN bonus feature says 2,300. Amazon states the race is 2,225 miles which is stated in the wikipedia file.

Thirty kids (Okay none of them are really kids with the youngest at 18) come together to try out for the open 15 spots aboard the Morning Light, a high tech sloop owned by Roy Disney to be used in the Transpac race. The spot holders train against the elements, the likely hood of mechanical failure, and a crash course in medical training and boat safety. Will they win or even make it the expanse of the long running race? Find out in Walt Disney’s Morning Light: A True-Life Documentary.

The film is shot documentary style so there are a variety of cameras used during the shoot. During calmer times the picture is close to fantastic, not exactly awe-inspiring, but about there. Then you have the night vision which, as you would expect, drops the quality a bit and in one scene you do catch some grain but its short lived. Again it’s a documentary and the camera’s, like the sailors, do battle against elements such as wind, low light, and water. The audio also suffers due to the conditions but for the most part you get the absolute best quality that can be offered considering.

Stories from the sea with host Jason Earles (Hannah Montana) is a 28+ minute documentary on the documentary which gives you a peek at some behind the scenes aspects as well as offers up some moments aboard the Morning Light that didn’t make the cut. Interviews with Transpac winner Roy Disney and producer and experienced sailor who also competed in the Transpac Leslie DeMeuse.

Morning Light: Making the cut- As aired on ESPN is a 48+ minute documentary on the documentary which goes into heavier detail about the Transpac and the competition to see who makes the cut. 

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