Nadine Shah: Love Your Dum and Mad

Love Your Dum and Mad

(Nadine Shah)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nadine Shah was, for me, one of those very rare gems that you come across in the music world that sparks something inside of you that you want to share with the world at large. It’s hard to define the sound of the album without coming across clichéd nomenclatures like “Gypsy Sound” or “Dark and Broody”. The album is after all a very moody set of songs that defies categorizing due to the simple fact that you forget the undertones of the album, the strange sounds that make up the platform Shah‘s voice, and you simply get caught up in the sultry jazz whispers of a tumultuous range of emotions that run everywhere on the gamut from love to defiance.

The album isn’t your typical pop number that’s going to give you the same old outline of what love is perceived to be in the world of radio and the generic way in which most singers will profess their admonition or devotion to the subject. Shah goes in a whole other direction becoming very specific about the subject, manifesting her words into tales of love, not as a cheesy gimmick, but as an all confusing subject that makes a person stay with someone who may kill them inside, even give an outsiders perspective for a short change up to give further depth to the narrative.

The album feels very genuine. Every song seems to be about some inside story that is made accessible to those who’ve actually lived. It’s an insight into the life of someone you have yet to meet, pasted together by cultural insights, lifestyle references, and emotional streaks that are so poignant in their set up that familiarity is undeniable. Tie this all up with Shah’s amazing voice, terrific range and skillful songwriting and you’ll be just as hooked as I am the first moment you begin to listen to the music. Amazing. 

AJ Garcia
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