Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew

On DVD: 
Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 39 Minutes

Nancy Drew loves sleuthing and in her small town of River Heights has made a name for herself by helping to solve many crimes. When her father announces that they will have to move to Hollywood for his job she takes the opportunity to find a house that has an unsolved mystery attached. Nancy will soon find out though that in Hollywood most do not understand her classic fashion sense, police do not take her calls seriously, and that sleuthing is even more dangerous. But with the help of her boyfriend Ned who is visiting from River Heights and her new friend Corky she might just solve the case of Dehlia Draycott.

While Hollywood is running out of ideas for movies causing older shows, books, and remakes to be their go too, I personally had no problems with Nancy Drew being made if it was done right. And in this case I think it was. Some how they found the right mix of old and new and were able to come up with a decent story too. While Nancy dresses in an older style it has a slight updated look, and with the additions of a laptop & Ipod it certainly helps in branching the two time frames. The mystery is interesting and will have you guessing at what will come next. And of course Emma Roberts is adorable as Nancy.

What was great about the DVD release though is the bonus features that are geared toward the fans of the movie. “Nancy Drew: Kids At Work” – Behind the scenes look at Emma and the other kids on set talking about the movie, each other, the clothes, and even some behind the scenes look at them getting ready. “Nancy Drew’s Detective Kit” – Emma Roberts walks you through all the items Nancy Drew uses. “Our Ipod Idolatry” – The cast talks about some of the music and their favorite bands on their Ipods. There is also a gag reel, Joanna’s “Pretty Much Amazing” video, a day on set featurette, and Emma’s Last Day featurette.

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