New Year's Eve (BLU-RAY)
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Garry Marshall (director) features actor Hector Elizondo in every movie he's made because he considers Hector his good luck charm. ~IMDB

I avoided New Year’s Eve at all costs when it came to theaters because I’ve never really been a big fan of ensemble cast films. When I found New Year’s Eve in my work pile I tossed my bias aside and sat down to enjoy the film for what it was, or what it was going to be. Not long into it my original feelings towards the genre were vindicated by a syrupy sweet rendition of plastic smiles, sitcom scenarios, and Ryan Seacrest. Despite the fact that the film, in my opinion, is pretty much deplorable, the BD release makes it easily a win/win for fans of the film with an astonishingly crisp picture, great sound, and a handful of bonus features to round out the plus category.  

Aside from some very miniscule grain in seemingly unnoticeable area’s the film is super crisp with robust colors, super fine definition and clarity, and just about anything else you would demand from a Blu-Ray release. Warner did not skimp on this release whatsoever so expect a reference quality picture that is equally matched by an amazing DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track. Sound has a fair amount of immersive quality that allows for crisp dialogue, a healthy LFE output that gives big sound to the films musical soundtrack as well as key moments such as the Time Square Ball Drop (of course). Let’s be honest, this film relies heavily on its musical counterpart so it was a given that the audio would have to be sufficient if not immaculate, which it pretty much is.

~The Magic Of Times Square: I really didn’t like this feature which has the stars of the film boasting about how New Years Eve is such a magical time and Time Square such a magical place. This feature get’s kind of turned upside down when you hit the Secret’s Of The Stars feature.
~New Year’s Eve Secrets Of The Stars: This is more like it. The cast and crew give us the real dish on how they spend New Years Eve and it’s pretty much nothing like they described it in the first feature. Honest answers like, “I’m usually asleep by 10” or “I usually just watched the ball drop at home” are the more honest answers I’d rather hear then some carefully planned speech about New Years to hype up the film itself.
~Jon Bon Jovi & Lea Michelle Rock New Year’s Eve: It’s pretty self explanatory.
~Deleted Scenes (with Introduction by Garry Marshall).
~Gag Reel: Some of it carried over that plastic feel from the film itself but a lot of it was pretty funny.
~DVD Copy: I didn’t really like the fact that the disc is dual sided featuring the DVD copy on one side and the Blu-Ray copy on the other. The picture was unaffected but it just made the overall package look cheap.
~Ultraviolet Digital Copy 

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