Night of the Demons

Night Of The Demons

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Angela's throwing a Halloween party at the Broussard Mansion in New Orleans. Legend has it that murder, mayhem, and a love spell gone wrong happened in the house over 80 years before. Six guests died and the host, Ms. Broussard hung herself to keep the world from ending. But why? When cops break up Angela's party, she and a few of her friends are left behind to stay the night, but they're not alone. One by one, they each have to do battle with one demon or another (including inner demons?) to survive. All they have to do is make it until morning.

If there is supposed to be an homage to the 1980s horror B movie, I think "Night of the Demons" qualifies. In fact, it's a remake of Kevin Tenney's ("Brain Dead") 1988 "Night of the Demons" producing this version. That's probably a good thing because this version is actually watchable. There's a little campy gore and some downright gross imagery, but all in all, not a bad film. Adam Gierasch, director, can tell a story, flashbacks and all, and the acting got a bit sketchy in a few spots, but what are you gonna do? It's a goofy horror flick.

Monica Keena, Shannon Elizabeth, and Edward Furlong (Terminator 2) star in this little gem with a decent soundtrack.

Review by Jennifer Isbell