Night Verses: Out Of The Sky

Out Of The Sky

(Night Verses)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I’m feeling some serious Déjà vu as I read the story of Night Verses and how the band came about. It was a couple of weeks ago that I came across another band that had a similar story, so similar in fact it’s almost the same story (West Of Hell). A group of musicians who were on a very long lookout for not just a good lead singer but a great one, spend most of their time making instrumental music. One day they inherit a singer from another band and boom, success. Basically.

Even though it probably can go without being said I’m going to say it anyway. Instrumental musicians. How friggin awesome is that? Not only did these guys work together to make music when it had and when it didn’t have a voice, but they’ve been doing it for seven long years. Add ex-The Sleeping singer Douglas Robinson to the mix and your solid.

The album is a complex interweaving of organic and electric sound that appeals in a very theatrical way. While Robinson is no Eric Clayton or even a Burton C. Bell or Mike Patton, the music is so carefully woven that it pockets Robinson’s efforts and makes them work on that sort of stage. It’s really a mixture of thematic elements and metal without the aggressive bite metalheads might be used to. Dare I say A Perfect Circle thrown in for measure and a sound all their own. At the surface it all makes sense but try, as I am failing to do, to categorize it is almost impossible. Best idea I can toss out there is heading to the bands website (link located above) and grabbing the album for free to check out for yourself. I thought the instrumental factor of the album was very satisfying, the vocals well laid out, and the lyrical both biting yet vulnerable. So stop listening to me and go listen to this album and try to make sense of it for yourself. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
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