No Strings Attached (BLU-RAY)

No Strings Attached

On Blu-Ray: 
Friday, January 21, 2011
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 50 Minutes

The song performed by Adam's dad for his birthday was actually written and composed by Kevin Kline, who plays the character. ~IMDB

No Strings Attached asks the question of weather or not a relationship could work if love was taken out of the equation and replaced with copious amounts of sex? Ashton Kutcher takes the reverse role of his usual womanizer self and portrays the one who falls in love while Natalie Portman plays the distant second half that just wants to have fun and not put to much emphasis on relationship. For what its worth a lot of the humor in the script is very well written but the overall story is poor and the acting is simply terrible. What makes matter’s worse is that the film feels like it’s being dragged out at about the forty seven minute mark. Not a good thing for a film that runs almost two hours long. By the time we reached that very Jerry Maguire end note dialogue I had completely given up on the film. I guess if I really want to give this film a shot again there’s always the upcoming Friends With Benefits starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.

Despite the film being so awful its Blu-Ray transfer is remarkably good. I do have issues with grain and there are a few scenes with a fair amount but not too much that the film becomes horrific. Aliasing has minute issues in things like clothing (See Kutcher’s striped t-shirt during his conversation with the other guy) and tree’s closely cropped together. Still colors are vibrant and sharpness is acutely present with black levels perfectly situated through almost every frame. Audio is nearly perfect as well with a DTS-HD MA 5.1 supplying the film with coherent dialogue, good ambient sound, and good separation between the films soundtrack and everything else.


~Deleted Scenes: 6 to be exact but nothing that I would consider must see or would rather have had it left in the film.
~Sex Friends: Getting Together: A look at how the film got off the ground including talks with director Ivan Reitman and writer Elizabeth Meriwether. Its mostly just soap boxing the picture and the actors. When a film feels this poorly this just comes off as unnecessary spin to me.
~Inside the Sassy Halls of Secret High: Okay, in the film Kutcher works on the set of a teen show that takes the current dancing/singing/teenage romance genre and makes some funny behind the scenes moments out of it. The feature is only eleven plus minutes long but for a part of the film that really had no depth they really yuck it up on this feature.
~Modern Love: The Do’s and Don’ts: Maybe its just me but it feels like all the special features here really try their hardest to make something out of seemingly nothing. Lots of soap boxing for the stars, particularly Kutcher who does a mediocre, almost absent job here, and of course praise for Portman. Sorry, I just don’t feel it.
~Commentary by Director Ivan Reitman
~DVD and Digital Copy
~Alternate Storyline Scenes: A brief look at what might have been going on with Kutcher’s character while he and Portman are on hiatus.
~3 Free Months of Perfect Match.com

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