Nothnegal: Decadence


Release Date: 
Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nothnegal is a  melodic metal band from Malé that consists of former players from Mortuary, Chimaira, and Kalmah. Their sound is very theatrical, complete with haunting piano’s and electronic musings that blend seamlessly into their melodic metal style. There is a touch of old school metal that strikes nostalgic, especially in the guitar sound on the album, but for the most part the album simply draws you in with the hypnotizing flow of the bands contributions as a unit and the otherworldly effects of first time unsuspecting synths.

My first go round with the album was interesting to say the least. When you listen to a lot of metal you tend to get this sinking suspicion that you’ve heard it all by now. While Nothnegal does have some similar qualities to other metal acts out there (Disturbed, Fear Factory, Resyn) the band manages to offer more of a journey then a simple nod to metal. Vocals move from growling to clean, synth use runs from subtle core use to an all out haunting character that makes certain tracks what they are (my favorite off the album would be the final track, Singularity), and the grinding unification of the bands guitars and bass is simply mesmerizing. There’s just something about a solid uniform approach that draws you in. From start to finish I had no issue with the album. It’s solidly produced, well thought through, and it has a genuinely steady flow of greatness about it. Definitely worth checking out. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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