Occupy Unmasked

Occupy Unmasked

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Sunday, November 25, 2012
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90 minutes

Just in case you felt it was needed, Andrew Breitbart and Stephen K Bannon, bring you the conservative right wing analysis of last year's Occupy Wall Street and related events in Occupy Unmasked.

They say:

Occupy Unmasked takes viewers into the Occupy Wall Street camps around the country from New York to Los Angeles providing a first-hand look at violence and intimidation occurring within them, as well as to expose those at the heart of the events and to reveal the highly orchestrated nature of the movement. Exclusive footage and eyewitness accounts document criminal activity and raw brutality in the camps the majority of these incidents have not been reported by the mainstream media, which has in contrast portrayed the Occupy movement as self-organizing and non-violent.

There is an old adage which states something along the lines of the truth laying somewhere in the middle betweent the stories both sides of an argument tell you. On the side of the Occupy Movement, the story is of protest against the income disparity in the United States of America, and of how the banks and their associates were able to crash the economy, make huge profits and get bailed out by the government. Anger which had been building for years over the practices of Wall Street finally leading to a breaking point.

On the other side, Occupy was all about getting high, leeching money off the government, destroying America, killing police officers, being openly racist and raping women. At least, that is the picture painted by Occupy Unmasked. Over and over again the voices heard here repeat that the Occupy Movement had so legitimate agenda, no stated goals and was simply an anarchist, communist, socialist front by people who hate America.

While I do not doubt that some unquestionably terrible things happened during the protests, they always do when you get large groups of people together - they call them opportunists because they wait for opportunity, but laying all the blame at the feet of the movement is like blaming touring rockbands for the things a couple members of the audience at the arena do, or saying the entire movements of the 1960 & 1970 were just about getting laid. And Breibart and company don't bother covering anything good here. They don't admit to the Occupy events having any legitimacy at all, only focusing on the violence and sinister elements. There is no signficant mention of or examination of the Wall Street practices that brought about the protests, except to say that most of the Occupy people didn't know anything about reality and were mindless sheep being lead by nefarious masterminds bent on government breakdown.

Breibart & Bannon also propose Occupy as being a front for Anonymous to gather names and destroy individuals for fun.

In this case, I'm going to say I think the truth maybe closer to Occupy's side, and further from Breibart's. In any event, one should only consider watching this particular documentary, Occupy Unmasked, as part of a larger collection of information, because if this is all you know, your world view will be completely one sided.

Review by Jason Pace
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