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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The truth is I always have a lot of fun watching One Piece. Sure, at times Luffy’s voice can reach a crescendo of irritating repetitiveness when he’s angry and fighting a villain, but it’s all worth it in the end. One Piece: Collection Six is no exception, though I was a bit disappointed, but let me explain why first.

So the series picks up with the crew having taken on Crocodile for the safety and independence of Alabasta and winning. As the crew of the Going Merry are sailing the sea’s again they seemed to have picked up a stray, Nico Robin. Nico has been quietly sitting around the ship reading a book while no one seems to care or notice, for awhile. Meanwhile the crew find their first adventure when they come upon a small island in the middle of the sea. The island is inhabited by goats and a man who controls them. Is he friend or foe or neither? The crew soon finds out and discover that an old man who controls goats to attack pirates is a bit more then he appears to be. Enter the ever persistent Marines and adventure ensues. I wont give anything away about this arc in the season so let’s move on.

The crew find themselves now on an island that is inhabited by people afraid for their lives, or more so their money, due to a tyrant who runs the island and taxes everyone for anything. Eating a big plate of food? That will be a big plate of food tax. Did you just take a sip of that drink? That’s a sipping tax. So on and so forth until our tyrant runs into the crew and it’s back to trouble for Luffy and company. Meanwhile there is a scientist on the island whose story brings Nico into play and very soon were on a Peter Pan sized adventure into a mysterious mist where half the crew may be lost forever. Will they escape? Hmmm, I wonder.

Now for the part that sucked. By this time I am so loving this season. It’s been nothing but amazing. Then all of a sudden a ship falls from the sky. Yes folks, it’s the legend of Skypiea, the city in the sky. On any normal day this would be completely awesome. Unfortunately for me I’ve already reviewed this chapter of the One Piece saga back when it came out in the volume set. Don’t get me wrong, the Skypiea arc is fantastic, it’s just that it’s the other half of collection six which means my time with the crew of the Going Merry was cut short. On the plus side though is that if you haven’t seen collection six at all, it’s a homerun through and through. Fantastic stuff for fans and new-comers alike. I highly suggest.

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