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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Who doesn’t love Kurt Russell? I mean honestly, how can you not like this guy? I remember watching him when I was a kid in all those goofy, Midvale College movies from Disney: The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, Strongest Man in the World and more. I loved those. Jump forward a few years and you get kickass adult Russell in Escape from New York and The Thing. So good. 

All that to say, Overboard is more goodness from Russell and his lovely partner, Goldie Hawn. It’s not a perfect comedy, but it is a fun one. She’s an over privileged heiress who acts like the world is her oyster. He’s a handyman who gets recruited to build her a new shoe closet on her yacht. She rips him off by refusing to pay him for his job over a ridiculous detail. But he ultimately gets sweet revenge by tell her that she’s his wife…did I mention that this happens after she falls off her own boat, gets amnesia and is delivered to the nearest hospital? 

From there, the hijinks and shenanigans ensue. Like I said, not a perfect film, but pretty darn hilarious.

Sadly, the quality of this transfer is also a joke. I don’t know how in the world MGM gets off calling this a Blu-Ray release. Maybe because we can now see the videotape grain in crystal clear perfection? Whatever the case, this film looks terrible on Blu-Ray

The “bonus” feature is the trailer for Overboard. Yay.

Just to be clear, the poor rating for this is due to the awful transfer. I’d give the film about a B or B+, but unfortunately this is not worth buying, at least if you already own this on DVD (or tape).

Jeremy Hunt
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