Perry Mason: The Eighth Season, Vol. 2

Perry Mason

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Guest Stars:

Barry Sullivan, Bettye Ackerman, Robert Strauss, Joyce Van Patten, Noah Beery Jr., Lee Phillips, Carole Wells, Linden Chiles, Roland Winters, Jon Hall, David Opatoshu, Wendy Wagner, Margaret Blye, Elizabeth Perry, Gary Collins, Fay Wray, Alan Hewitt, Karen Steele, Anthony Caruso, Linda Marsh, Richard Erdman, Patricia Wymore, Louise Latham, Julie Sommars, Alan Reed Jr., Joe De Santis, Peter Breck, Ruta Lee, Kevin Hagen, Steve Inhat, Martin West, Victor Buono, Lurene Tuttle, Gavin MacLeod, Robert Colbert, James Shigeta, Bobby Troupe, Philip Abbott, Henry Beckman, Paul Lambert, Marge Redmond, Ben Cooper

The Perry Mason catalogue is slowly coming to an end, at least the classic series is, on DVD. 15 cases wind down season 8 as Perry investigates some rather bizarre deaths, from murder by gorilla in The Case Of The Grinning Gorilla to proof by kitten in The Case of The Careless Kitten. It’s more of the same magnificence that made Perry Mason a household name as Raymond Burr plays the titular star who, with his right hand man Paul Drake (played by William Hopper) and his sultry secretary Della Street (played by Barbara Hale), solves major cases of crime and murder.

Seriously, if you were ever a fan of the Perry Mason series your going to find yourself in good company with these episodes. I don’t know how they managed it, but seeing as this is the end of the second to last season of the classic series, Burr nor the program ever grow tired. Burr’s presence as Mason is still powerful and looming, Barbara Hale is still fantastic, and Hopper remains a fantastic contrast character to Burr’s Mason. A real blueprint for the way it was later for sidekicks. You won’t be disappointed in the content.

Apparently the only thing you will be disappointed in, and I have over 40 reviews on this installment of the series releases at Amazon, is the price and a bit of a snafu with the liner notes. I admit, Amazon charging people $50 for this set is outrageous, but after doing some comparative shopping, after one click, I found a brand new copy for $39. The internet is a big, big world folks.

As far as the liner notes being wrong, their set up for season 7, you can look at it as a complete and utter screw up, or a deviate version, one that will more then likely be corrected in the future. I really didn’t care. You want an episode list, look at the DVD menu. Other then that no complaints on my end. Another great installment of a detective series before its time. Enjoy.


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