Pet Sematary (BLU-RAY)

Pet Sematary

Running Time: 
101 minutes
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Stephen King lived only about 20 minutes away from where they filmed, so he spent a lot of time on set.

The soil of a man's heart is stonier. Somtimes dead is better. Pet Sematary is a fun little horror romp and well worth watching. It releases on Blu-Ray on October 2nd.

Perhaps there is a healthy helping of nostalgia going on, but I love this movie. When I saw it in the theater back in 1989 it scared the pants off 15 year old me. The story is of a man who takes his family away from the hustle and bustle of the city to a nice country home, complete with pet sematary of animals mostly killed by trucks on the nearby road, and a job of being a doctor at the local university. In that capacity, he treats a man who was hit by a truck who dies from his massive injuries, but not before warning the doctor, Louis, by name. Victor, the victim, shows up in Louis's dream that night and warns him to stay away from the burial ground beyond the pet sematary.

The family cat, Church, is hit by a truck on the road. Louis and his neighbor Jud, played by Fred Gwynne who you may remember as Herman Munster from The Munsters - or maybe you won't, because that's a really old show, decide to go bury the cat in the burial ground beyond the pet sematary. You see, Jud tells Louis that things buried up there can come back to life. Well, the cat comes back, but it comes back evil. Jud says he'd hoped for a better result, Church being an animal and not a person, but that sometimes things buried up there come back evil.

Then Louis's son Gage is hit by a truck. I think you can see where this is going...

One of the best and most delightful parts of Pet Sematary is Fred Gwynne. His character of Jud is the picture of country charm and he delivers all the film's best, most memorable and most quotable lines. Two of them begin this review.

Overall, while the special effects of this 23 year old film don't look so great compared to today's movies, Pet Sematary delivers decent enough scares and in a few places remains truly frightening.

The Blu-ray transfer is pretty good, and the disc contains a few "making of" extras as well as a director's commentary track, all of which add a nice touch to this package if you are a fan of the film.

Review by Jason Pace
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