On DVD: 
Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Running Time: 
80 minutes

It is Cara-Ethyl’s 18 birthday and she is sitting at her home alone with only her mom who has bandages over her eyes from a cooking accident. Cara-Ethyl does what anyone would do in this situation, fake the voice of a non-existent bestfriend and wait on the pizza guy. But this is Cara-Ethyl's day. When the pizza is finally delivered a dreamy older guy, named Matt, shows up and offers to take Cara-Ethyl with him on his deliveries. Determined to have the best birthday yet she tries to make the most out of every stop. But she might just teach Matt a few things too.

So this is what Ethan Embry has been up to; posing as the “hot” pizza delivery guy. I’m not exactly sure what kind of statement this movie was trying to make. Cara-Ethyl is an outcast and what many would consider to be a loser. Taking a closer look as Cara-Ethyl’s character develops more she is just annoying as she stumbles through life condemning people for their actions just because she wishes she could join them. There is no build up, no real plot, no great dialog, and no real resolution. Even with the making of and commentary by the director this movie is a total waste.

Review by Pandora
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