Ralphie May: Too Big To Ignore

Ralphie May: Too Big To Ignore

On DVD: 
Tuesday, May 1, 2012
Running Time: 
108 minutes

Sizable comedian Ralphie May takes to the stage in Too Big To Ignore and tackles topics of politics, race and family with his style of non-stop comedy.

You might remember Ralphie from his run on Last Comic Standing back in 2003 where he came in second. Since then he's had a boatload of success. Sold out tours, CDs, and - including Too Big To Ignore - four comedy specials on Comedy Central. This disc is the uncut, uncensored version of his most recent Comedy Central show.

They say:

Ralphie May proves he's TOO BIG TO IGNORE in his record-breaking 4th Comedy Central special. Voted one of Variety's 10 Comics to Watch, Ralphie May spreads his comedic wealth further than ever by tackling topics that will make you think and occasionally squirm. With no subject off limits, Ralphie dives in and reveals the hilarious quirks that infiltrate politics, race and even his family. Lovable enough to get away with anything, Ralphie continues to capture the hearts of thousands on his sold-out tours and promises to make you gleefully uncomfortable.

I say:

Many comedians like to tell jokes and then bask in the laughter when it comes. Ralphie May, on the other hand, delivers his comedy like a first grader tells a story - without pause. Line after line, joke after joke, he just keeps going, barely pausing for breath, let alone laughter. Because of that, his hour and forty-eight minutes on stage feels like so much more. I can't say I was laughing through the whole thing, because frankly sometimes he uses slang words that I don't know and I feel lost, but he is definitely funny. However, even though he's often thought provoking, I find his approach to occasionally be strange and bordering on offensive - but that's on me, not Ralphie.

The disc includes a small featurette about Ralphie preparing for the show and going out to the line to talk to his fans which is worth watching.

Overall, Too Big To Ignore is not a waste of time at all.

Review by Jason Pace
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