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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When it comes to stop motion animation, nobody in the business does it better than Seth Green and the folks behind Robot Chicken. Currently in the shows 5th season, Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim has gone ahead and released the season on DVD and Blu-ray with episodes still left to air on television. If you want to see them all before anyone else, you have to by the DVD. Does this bold strategy work out for Robot Chicken or are you better off waiting it out?

Season 5 contains 20 episodes – including the spectacular 100th episode – that feature our favorite action figures making fun of all things pop culture. While each episode is only around 10 minutes in length, there are plenty of extremely short skits that’ll have you laughing hysterically. Robot Chicken has become a pop culture phenomenon itself, with numerous guest starts lending their voices to action figure replicas of characters they played and more. Elijah Wood, Kevin Bacon, Mila Kunis, Nathan Fillion, and Megan Fox are just a handful of the celebrities who appear in an episode or two.

In addition to the regular episodes, the DVD features loads of behind-the-scenes features and extra content. Both discs are packed full of interviews, promos, deleted skits, etc. If you ever found yourself wanting more Robot Chicken, the DVD is clearly the way to go.

Season 5 of Robot Chicken is how all DVD releases should follow. Not only do you get new episodes that have yet to air on TV, but also loads of extra content that will keep you laughing for hours upon end. The best thing about Robot Chicken is that you can jump in at any time so whether you’re a longtime fan of the series or just joining in now, Season 5 is a must-own.

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