Rocknoceros: Colonel Purple Turtle

Colonel Purple Turtle

Release Date: 
Saturday, July 16, 2011

I’ve never given much thought to kids music. While my three girls were growing up I was tormented by Salty The Singing Song Book, Barney, and Banana’s In Pajamas. There wasn’t a whole lot to be said about kids music back then. Now that their older and I’m working as a writer covering an assortment of things, including kids music, I am somewhat envious of the music kids these days have at their disposal. The artists that I have covered always manage to surprise me with witty story narrations within their music that is either a lesson, a fantastic story, or both. The instrumentation of their music is another eye opening, jaw dropping experience. The latest from Rocknoceros, Colonel Purple Turtle, is yet another fascinating artist who has made kids music less condescending and intelligent.

The album starts off with introduction to who Colonel Purple Turtle is. Its a laid back acoustic tune that plays as part skit and part song. If you read the liner notes to the album you’ll find more information such as the name of Colonel Purple Turtles home, how he came about, and a mission statement. A great introduction for the album and some nice guitar work within the simplicity of the song. Up next is Harry Elefante, an obvious nod to Jazz singer Harry Belafonte,  which has a nice island sound to it and a diverse message in both English and Spanish. Lots of children’s artists use language to diversify their albums and I think I applaud it. What better way to change the world then to raise open minds.

Other means of diversity on the album is the genres in which the band deliver their messages. My favorite would be track #4, What Is Your Favorite Animal which is some sort of swing/bluegrass hybrid. I love it. The album is also full of different animals with characters all their own buried in short little stories within each song. While not all of them wowed me, I could have done without Double-O Chicken, which seemed a bit limp, the album really is a treat. There’s so much to hear, learn, and imagine and the band tried their hand at making each track as different from the next so boredom is never a factor. Really one to check out for the kids. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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