Rocky: The Undisputed Collection (BLU-RAY)

Rocky: The Undisputed Collection

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, November 3, 2009
Running Time: 
634 Minutes

When shooting his famous jog through the streets of Philadelphia, Sylvester Stallone pulled a tendon in his leg and was taken to a nearby hospital in a wheelbarrow.

Sylvestor Stallone is pretty much the only major action star from the 80s to get all his major properties transferred to blu-ray.  Bruce Willis has his Die Hard BD box set but now Stallone has Rocky AND Rambo box sets. 

Ok.  The quality, obviously, progresses from the shoddy 1976 original production, stays about the same for 1979's Rocky II, gets slightly better for 1982's Rocky III, better yet for 1985's Rocky IV and, inexplicably falls in quality for 1990's Rocky V just to rebound hugely for the newer 2006 production of Rocky Balboa.

Featurettes, featurettes and, umm...featurettes.

The best quality disc here is Rocky Balboa which is the same exact versions released originally in 2007.  The original Rocky is the same exact disc released in 2006.  The bonus disc has a slew of special features only really meant for the die hard fan.  Rocky 2-5 are quickly thrown together discs meant just to get this set out at the smallest cost possible.  So, the breakouts of 2-5 aren't available yet and the bonus disc is so-so.  Is it worth it or should you just wait for the breakouts?  It retailes for $100 but, at the time of this writing, amazon is selling is for a mere $50.  $50 for 6 movies and a bonus disc on blu-ray isn't too shabby afterall.

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