Rogue River

Rogue River

On DVD: 
Tuesday, June 5, 2012
Running Time: 
81 minutes
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One of the producers is Zachery Ty Bryan who portrayed Brad Taylor on the popular 90s TV sitcom Home Improvement.

Rogue River is the timeless tale of a girl heading off to a nice secluded location by a river to scatter the ashes of her father who is abducted and tortured by local crazy people who want to make use of her womb.

I suppose you could hate me for spoiling a little bit of the movie there, but the truth is that you don't really watch most genre horror flicks for the surprise twists. Besides, when people kidnap a girl in movies, unfortunately it's usually for sex in one form or another. This movie opens with Mara, dressed in white, covered in blood, collapsing and pointing a gun to her temple. The screen goes black and we hear a gunshot. When the picture returns we are back to Mara, packing her car and talking to her brother. This is going to be one of those movies that opens with a shock and then goes back to show us how that shocking scene came to be.

So Mara has her father's ashes in an urn and is going to toss them in a river, when she's interrupted by a guy who says she needs a permit for that sort of thing. They walk back to the road and find her car has been towed. This kindly gentleman offers to give her a ride to town, but they need to stop by his house first. Then it turns out the locals know the police will keep her car overnight no matter what, so the guy and his wife offer to let her stay, since their house is better than some sleezy motel. And they eat dinner, and Mara cuts her hand on a broken dish, and the husband holds her down while the wife stitches the cut with a needle and sewing thread, and they lock her in a room, and it just keeps going down hill from there.

My little bit about Mara's womb at the top is but a single detail in the crazy that makes up the rest of the film. We do eventually get back to that opening scene and the film ends shortly after. I won't spoil how it ends.

Rogue River is a typicial low budget genre film. Thanks to lower priced, higher quality cameras it looks pretty good and not like a bunch of hand held cams from Best Buy. And the special effects they managed aren't too shabby either. The actors do their parts well, only tripped up by a sometimes schlocky script, but hey, that's par for the course.

I was more interested by the full length feature commentary track, which features a bunch of people talking about all sorts of little details. There are also two behind the scenes featurettes, one of which is quite long.

Anyway, it wasn't a terrible film to watch, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it to everyone. Check out the trailer and see for yourself.

Review by Jason Pace
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