Sarah Donner: That is a Pegasus

That is a Pegasus

(Sarah Donner)
Release Date: 
Thursday, June 5, 2014

Who is Sarah Donner? That is the question I was asking myself before listening to her new and sixth studio album, “That is a, Pegasus”. When I was finished listening to it the answer that I came away with as for who Sarah Donner is, she's a woman that has no fear in expressing herself in the lyrics of her music while exposing her mood set in the style of songs that she sings. Though I might not have never heard of Sarah Donner before now, the music that's been played on this album is a great explanation as to why and how she has been able to make a sixth album. Here music is a way that she seems to express herself in a fun, insightful ways that bear her soul to the world.

This is one of few albums that I can say is truly an expressive way of who the singer is. Sarah Donner might have a very fun and upbeat way she sings her songs but there's no mistaking the intimate relationships she sings about, her view that's being talked about, and how blunt she can be in the songs while also being able to play with words in a smart manner. This woman has a free spirit and it shines in her music. It's also hard not to get swept away in the songs to the point where I was also feeling upbeat and in a better mood, which was nice considering how gray, cloudy, and rainy the weather has been this past week and all day today. Her music really does have a fun, quirky beat to it that does help cheer up the mood but she has not made a full album that's all bouncy houses and cotton candy.

That is a, Pegasus includes songs that do have a more serious side to them where the mood being set is one that is intimate rather than chipper. Even though she does have some more soulful songs being included, the feeling of joy is the made one for this album. My favorite song on this album is, “Let Him Go”, because it encompasses the whole feeling of this album, from the fun beats, the quirky way she sings, the blunt in the face lyrics, and that wonderfully fun kazoo being played. This song might sound like it's a fun, joking song that has nothing serious about it, but the lyrics are very serious and they mean business. Sarah Donner has a strong voice that is soft when she needs to be as well as higher pitched to being upbeat and quirky. She keeps good tempo with this album, giving us songs that change in sound, the instruments are played with good levels where the vocals and instruments don't step on each other, and the catchy sound of the album just had me hooked from the start.

Lee Roberts
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