Sinister 2 (BLU-RAY)

Sinister 2

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, January 12, 2016
Running Time: 
98 Minutes

     I was a such a huge fan of the first Sinister film when I watched it last week (to prepare for reviewing the second film) that I wondered exactly how the story would continue on. I mean, really, the thrill is gone (at least for me) once you completely understand the films villain.
     Fortunately the sequel to the film goes in an entirely new direction. Instead of just focusing on the previous films villain, director Ciaran Foy throws in an unexpected twist. Especially considering the elements of the paranormal in the last film.
     While I wouldn't say this follow up is better then its predecessor, it is worthy of having a look. Ambient elements from the first film, like music and jump scares abound, but some scares are elevated to a much cooler level and the films story helps keeping the scares very real in contrast with a real world/real problems dynamic.

     I was pleasantly surprised by the picture quality of this film. Black levels are mostly solid with only a few instances of noise interference. I didn't find any elements of banding or aliasing going on. The film takes full advantage of its country settings with rich greens, rustic barnyard reds, and woodsy elements inside of the home looking warm and well detailed. Skin color stays a natural hue in all levels of light and detail in clothing and other objects stay fine for the most part. Theres' a slight inch or two of eyesore, but in the grand scheme of things you'll likely pass it up feeling pretty satisfied with the quality of this release.

     Sinister 2 spooks you well with a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtrack that enables full spectrum surround sound haunts. From the eerie music to the ambiance of slight noise through front, back and side channels to help fully immerse you in the paranoia and fear of the film and it's stars. Audiophiles should be very satisfied with the mix and the experience it adds to the films.

~Deleted Scenes: All of the deleted scenes are worth a look. "Stupid Bird" gives a closer insight into the brothers and their behavior that draws attention to their real and paranormal issues. "Stromberg's Last Drink" is also a good one but kind of takes the edge off of the end of the film so be sure to watch it after you've watched the film.
~Extended Kill Films: Like in the first film each super 8 kill film comes with the extended full shoot. The concept had substance in the first film, this seems like a just okay bonus.
~Time To Watch Another - The Making of Sinister 2
~Audio Commentary: Ciaran Foy proves that this was just more then a sequel for the sake of creating the franchise with his audio commentary track that provides insight into the story, the wide scope of the Sinister canon and more.
~Digital Copies

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