Stargate: Atlantis (Rising: Pilot Episode)

Stargate: Atlantis

On DVD: 
Tuesday, June 7, 2005

When the code needed to open the Stargate to what may be Atlantis, a crew is formed and sent in.  With Dr. Elizabeth Weir in charge they find themselves in an abandoned under water city. But with the power about to run out Major John Sheppard and a crew enter the gate again to find help near by. While there they discover others that are in need of protection from the Wraiths.

As a spin off this show isn’t too bad; but releasing the pilot separate from the rest of the season may have fans disappointed and shelling out more cash than needed. The plot for the pilot is a little weak and seems they are trying to cram too much information in an hour and half. Dr. Weir’s character is kind of just there without much depth being put in. The Wraiths are also a little bit of a let down and look like Marylin Manson in away. The effects are still as good as they were in Stargate SG-1 and there is some action. But without the rest of the season to back it up the pilot kind of flops. The DVD does contain special features nonetheless like commentary from Martin Wood and Joe Flanigan, a preview to Atlantis, a sneek peak at season 2, and the video game art and trailer. I guess if you are a fan of Atlantis then you will need to decide how bad you want just the pilot on DVD or if you are going to wait for the season release to see if the pilot is included.

Review by Toby Blake