Stonehenge Apocalypse (PREVIEW)

Jacob was once looked at as a brilliant scientist; but as he started getting more & more into conspiracy theories he was deemed crazy and no longer taken seriously. One night while hosting his radio show Jacob receives several phones calls about a change to Stonehenge which coincides with an energy fluctuation that Jacob had picked up. Taking off to England in search of the truth and to make sure that nothing is covered up Jacob discovers that Stonehenge is more than just some mysteriously stacked rocks it, is a device that can wipe out life on Earth and reset the clock and return to world back to being uncontaminated. Jacob has to rush against the clock to figure out a way to stop it before everyone on Earth dies.

Misha Collins stars as Jacob and he is also known as Cass (who is my favorite angel in Supernatural). If you have ever seen him in “Supernatural” you have a pretty good idea of what you are getting from him in this movie. He is a little monotone, dry sense of humor, stern looks, etc. But for him it works and it is not so bad for this role either. There are a few differences between how he portrays Jacob such as he does show some emotion, understands sarcasm, and he is now in jeans & t-shirts.

The story is on the average to lower average side for Syfy movies, meaning mediocre for normal movies. It wasn’t out there over the top which just makes it amusing movie like Mongolian Death Worm & Mansquito and it didn’t have a strong enough story or plot to be really interesting to watch for that sake. I found myself losing interesting constantly and having to force myself to refocus on what was happening. It really had nothing to do with the acting which wasn’t too bad for a movie like this, I was just bored with what was going on and disappointed that while it is called “Stonehenge Apocalypse” very little of the story has people near Stonehenge. They are in labs or other locations of the world doing things.

Of course there is the horrible CGI Stonehenge that does require a mention and is probably the reason why so little takes place near the stones. I’m sure on a Syfy budget & how protected the real Stonehenge is there is no way they could have ever filmed there. But at least build a Styrofoam one. It is so bad that when people walk through the stones it looks like arms go through them. They also have this odd shimmery, pixel look to them.

Unfortunately this one is a pass for me, I wouldn’t even waste space on a DVR. Perhaps if it was airing and you could find nothing else on it can kill some time. It airs at 9pm but there it is also airing at 1am, that might be the best time when nothing else is on.

Review by Pandora
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