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Tuesday, August 9, 2011
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Trailer, tv spot, deleted scene, behind the scenes, making of main titles, "How to Fight Crime" featurette, commentary

Not everyone can be good looking, strong, popular, or have all the women flocking over them but for Frank (played by Rainn Wilson) life is just one horrible let down after another. Nothing has ever worked out for Frank, even after falling in love with Sarah (played by Liv Tyler) and then getting married to her, Frank just can’t win. Without seeing it coming, Sarah leaves Frank for her dope dealer Jacques (played by Kevin Bacon), leaving Frank in shambles. On the verge of going insane with grief, Frank finds the only way he can deal with his lose is to become the superhero known as the Crimson Bolt so he can get Sarah back from the bad guys. With his sidekick helper Boltie (played by Ellen Page), the Crimson Bolt will put a end to any wrong that has been committed with his trusty wrench, even if that means he has to break a few laws himself.

I was not expecting “Super” to be what it is, and that is a little disturbing, at times disgusting, even a tad bit sick, while being funny and somewhat sad. Most movies do have these sorts of undertones to them but when they do it’s just that, an undertone. In this movie they all play a key element to how the main character of Frank is being portrayed. This is a character that is sad, lost, and funny, it’s because of this character that this movie has to show all these elements that make it the way it is, a movie that has pushed the edge of what a superhero movie is.

My impression of the movie was that it was going to be about this guy that wanted to be a superhero but considering that it’s the real world where people that can fly and lift trains like they are cardboard boxes just don’t happen. This is somewhat the truth, however, what’s also the truth about this movie is that it’s about a guy that is pretty crazy who has delusions of talking to God and Jesus and then goes out to fight crime in such a violent manner that he could be considering a criminal as well. Not only that but he drags in a girl who is also not too set on her rocker and the two of them go out to beat up bad guys.

Oh the movie is funny, but it’s pretty shocking as well when not expecting some of the scenes that happen. Because of this different take on someone becoming a superhero the movie is a lot of fun to watch. Though it didn’t have me laughing to the point of side splitting pain but it did get me to chuckle some through out but mostly it made me just think wow I can’t believe that just happened.
There’s a good plot to this movie, which is a guy being crazy can become a superhero, albeit a very crazy guy that is committing crimes himself by beating the criminals with a wrench. Rainn Wilson does a good job playing the character of Frank, making him really seem like a guy that has always had the unfair side of life given to him that finally cracks him. Though for me the two actors that I liked the most was Kevin Bacon as the drug dealer because he was just so funny in this role, and Nathan Fillion being the Holy Avenger. Just seeing the few moments that Nathan Fillion had me laughing the most from this movie and he is only there for a few moments but those few times that he does appear he did a great job. Super turned out to be something I was not expecting which in turn made me like the movie more than I think I would have if it had just been about a guy being a superhero.

This movie looks really good on Blu Ray, at times it’s a little too good. There image quality is very clear making everything look really good and with some of the fight scenes a little too real and graphic. What stands out on this Blu Ray over most others comes from all the vibrant colors that are in the movie. The bright red with the yellow contrast that is the colors of the costume worn by the Crimson Bolt and then the green and yellow costume that Boltie wears, both are bright and almost unreal on how vibrant the colors look. This movie is filled with lots of colors that make the picture stand out, even when those colors are just being shown in the background, they add to the look of the movie. It’s a nice looking movie with some good audio levels, pretty much what a Blu Ray should be, just minus the full extent that the special features could have been.

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