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Tuesday, April 6, 2004

I’ll be honest, my trek through Texhnolyze: The Complete Series, was a tedious and very yawn inducing one. There wasn’t even a spoken word for 11+ minutes through the first episode, a trend that continued until we fleshed out some livelier characters, even then all they did was spit out sentence fragments that made little sense to me. It’s like I was completely lost through the whole series, and the truth of the matter is, I didn’t even care to find my way back into the fold. I just wanted this series to be over in a bad way.

Texhnolyze wants you to believe that it revolves around Ichise, a former underground prize fighter whose lost an arm and a leg (literally) to some gangster types in an act of revenge. Eventually Ichise is picked up like a piece of trash left on the street by a doctor who attaches a robot arm and leg to his body, texhnolyzes him, which enable him to either go about getting his own revenge or doing something else.

As much as I wanted to believe that Ichise was the protagonist of the story there were just too many characters coming and going. A young seer, the Yakuza, a union gang, a group of young street punks, a mystery gunman, the doc, a seemingly wise man who lives upon a hill, and that’s just the first half. Ichise becomes, pretty much a pawn, and gets swallowed by the comings and going of everyone else. When he does surface to do something that would seem profound, it doesn’t even matter, by then we’ve lost the ability to get invested in his plight. As a matter of fact no one really gets their due moment to shine which makes the entire cast of the series dispensable.

I was tempted to head over to wikipedia and see what this story was about to get a peek at the end, see if it was worth sticking around for. I decided to just keep on trudging forward and maybe I would be surprised by some revelation that would knock my socks off. Unfortunately the further down the rabbit hole we fell Texhnolyze simply became more and more distant. Was Ichise going to make a breakout move that would forever blow our minds? Would the battle between the ever growing laundry list of factions come to a head? Was there going to be a more cerebral element introduced that would perplex yet astound us? I think this particular series is one that you will find interesting on an individual basis. You’re either gong to hate it or find some personal connection to it that will draw you in. I personally thought it tried to hard to be deep, spent too much time trying to be artistic and poetic, and spreading its runtime to thin to make any real deep impact. As always final judgment is yours. Enjoy.

~Interview with UEDA & ABe
~Alternate Dialogue Outtakes 1-6
~Japanese Series Ending
~Textless opening and closing songs

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