The Americans: Season 2 (PREVIEW)

The Americans

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Despite having been wowed by The Americans in a previous review, and my solemn promise to go back and watch it from the beginning, I still have not. Still, I’m kind of glad that I haven’t after watching tonight’s episode in which we find the latest race for intelligence in the form of stealth technology and the things our spies on both sides will do to get their hands on the game changing technology. 
I say I’m glad I haven’t watched the show from the beginning because going in without knowing much is pretty much the whole idea behind this show. Everyone is a spy or trying to fish out spies while doing whatever it takes, morals or not. I don’t know much about any of the characters and as I slowly learn who they are and what they are involved in I am being pulled further and further into the show. 
One example is that Matthew Rhys and Kerri Russell play a married couple, one who are romantically entangled with one another. When Phillip decides to bring in another agent to try and get information out of a power player I learned a few things about Phillip that reminded me, he’s a spy. Their all spies. Everything about this show is surface muck that means nothing until you dig deeper and as the show progresses things get crazier and crazier. 
Aside from spy stuff we get to see some domestic in-fighting that relishes topics of the time including religion and the never changing, always present emotions of teenagers. I think about the way my mom reacted to the things I did as a kid, how I react to my own children. It’s a bit more interesting when you watch a parent whose perception of the world is all danger due to their occupation. Some pretty interesting idea’s are presented in this scenario. 
Again, The Americans has wowed me and offered up more reason to try to make time to start from the beginning. It’s also made the era in which the show takes place a bit more interesting for someone who never really cared about he era, considering I was just kid back then and only cared about video games. Really a show worth checking out. Enjoy. 
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