The Earps: Buckle Up

Buckel Up

(The Earps)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Earps Buckle Up is a tribute to the country singer Buck Owens where the band has played songs from Buck Owens. I’ve heard the majority of these songs sung by Buck Owns, especially the one “I Got a Tiger By the Tail”, and there is a huge difference between Buck Ownes and The Earps. Though I’m not a big fan of country I still have some songs that I like and I do like the older country style with the twang and the low, long drawl of the vocals in the songs, but Buckle Up has taken all that away from their rendition of the songs.

Basically all that the Earps have done with this tribute album is become a cover band. It’s easy to hear that the members like Buck Owns, a lot, but they have also taken the songs that he did and put their own sound to them. With the first song “Close Up the Honk Tonks” played, I thought that they had just taken the titles of the songs but wasn’t going to play the actual song. I was wrong, they do play the same song, it’s just that with this song they start it off a bit different with some added lyrics but they also take all the twang, the drawl, and well the honk tonk, out of the song and turned it into some off putting rock-a-billy style song. I actually can’t stand this song because it just sounds horrible. I’ve heard better from someone so drunk they have to use the microphone poll to stand as they sing in karaoke.

However, the rest of the album gets better, not by a whole lot, but better than what’s being sung in dark bars late at night. What I wasn’t quite liking is that the twang is missing from the songs and it’s this twang that made the songs good in the first place. Speeding up the rhythm is fine, in fact it helps with some of the songs, and even the vocals having that gritty sound made the songs a little more filled out, but not having that twang in a song that was made with twang has lost some of it’s appeal. If they had kept some of the twang in the songs I might have liked this album more and would thought less of it sounding like a bar room cover band instead.

Lee Roberts
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