The Front Line (BLU-RAY)

The Front Line

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012
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133 minutes
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A ceasefire has been made near the end of the Korean War but the war still rages on the Eastern front line of Aerok Hills. It’s these hills that will decide where the boarder lines will be made that separate North and South Korea. Surviving the worst battle of the war at Pohang, it’s now up to Alligator Company to take back and defend the Eastern boarder from the North Korean army. The men of Alligator Company have become known as the best and toughest soldiers in the South Korean army but when a South Korean bullet is found in the body of one of the commander, suspicions fall on Alligator Company. Sending Kang Eun-Pyo (played by Shin Ha-kyun) of Defense Security Command to investigate Alligator Company for a possible spy, Kang Eun-Pyo finds more than he ever expected to. When he gets to the Eastern front line, Kang Eun-Pyo discovers that the men can barely stand from the continuing battles over the hills but the most shocking discovery is his old friend Kim Soo-Hyuk (played by Go Soo). With the war still going on around them, Kan Eun-Pyo is pulled into the battle that will take him to a place he never wanted to go.

The Front Line is a very brutal film, one of the intense war films that I’ve seen in a long time. Watching this movie was not like the typical war movie because I wasn’t picking a side so it was tough to watch both sides go through such tragedy. This film has so much going on with the plot, a commander who feels that people that were forced to feed some of the enemy shouldn’t be considered Communist, a soldier who delivers letters for the enemy, a unspoken connection between the two warring sides that takes place in a small hole in the ground, and friends that just want to survive the war. There’s more going on but that’s just a good starting off list as to what’s happening in this film.

It’s a 2 hour long film that moves at a pace where I never noticed that it was 2 hours long. The battle scenes are so intense, explosions, guys trying to save each other, but then there’s the moments where the fighting stops that have just as much intensity in the scene. Almost every scene in this movie is an emotional one but it’s the last minutes of the movie that has the hardest impact. Everything that happens in this film is built up to show those last minutes where it’s the last 12 hours of the war before it’s officially declared over. It’s in those last minutes of the film that are the most intense fighting scenes and the most emotional. With the way the plot is set up going from calm to fighting, I expected the ending to be pretty intense but nothing like it was.

This is a film that shows that war is hell and that there’s nothing in it that should be glorified. Men and women fighting for their lives for reasons they don’t even know, which that point is brought up at the start and ending of the film, what are they fighting for? Even though I can’t speak Korean (there’s subtitles so don’t worry) these actors do a supurb job at making their characters real. Their expersions when having to fight, kill, or having a drink is what makes this movie so good. The content is very big, but these actors are the ones that make this film so intense. I was really impressed though by the cinematography being used in this film. Though there’s no new breath taking angles being used, the aspect being shown in the shots allow every scene to stand out. When there needed to be a close up to show the emotions on the faces of the men it was a close up, when a medium shot to show that they were stuck was shown, or the extreme wide angle to show the scale of devistation, it’s these moments that give The Front Line a beautiful and wrenching look. This was one very good and very sad movie to watch but one that I really enjoyed.

The picture quality on this Blu Ray is really nice with the sharpness and colors. At times though I was not caring much for how sharp the picture quality is on this Blu Ray because of the detail that is shown, like when there is a gash opened up on the side of a soldiers head or when one loses his arm. Because of how good the picture quality is on this Blu Ray these scenes stood out more. The Front Line had no grain in the picture quality and the audio levels are clear. In fact the audio would have to the most impressive aspect of the Blu Ray because of how the levels don’t go to high or low when there’s an explosion then dialog. I was able to hear the dialog, well read it while listening to a language I couldn’t understand, but when there was fighting I didn’t have to turn the volume down it. It’s a well mixed Blu Ray for the audio levels and that made it a better expereince while watching.

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