The I <3 iCarly Collection

The I <3 iCarly Collection

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ICarly is the brainchild of Dan Schneider who has created several shows for the Nickelodeon Channel including Victorious, which has a couple of tie ins with this set. iFight Shelby Marx stars Victoria Justice, of Victorious, and you also get a bonus episode of Victorious within the set. That’s some of the good news. The bad news is that if you own season two, all three volumes, this set is kind of superfluous seeing as how a majority of the episodes are taken from that season and the only real bonus would be the bonus episodes of Victorious and Big Time Rush.

So let me break it down for you like this. Have your kids ever been interested in iCarly? Well if you don’t own a Netflix account (where most of  seasons 1&2 of iCarly are featured as a streaming option) then why not. The iCarly collection gives you fifteen iCarly episode plus two bonus episodes of Victorious and Big Time Rush for a total of 17. Considering one volume of any of the iCarly DVD’s run $13.99-$16.99 (Amazon pricing) and only Season 2, Volume 3 comes close to having as many episodes (16 in that set including a bonus episode of T.U.F.F. Puppy), it really is a solid investment, especially considering how many episodes of that volume can be found here anyway. As a parent I think iCarly is jut a lot of silly fun. Sure some of the characters can be annoying at times but it keeps my kids laughing. As always final judgment is yours.  

Episodes included on the DVD's include "iFight Shelby Marx", "iDate A Bad Boy", "iLook Alike", "iCarly Awards", "iSaved Your Life", "iQuit iCarly", "iThink They Kissed", "iTwins", "iMove Out", "iSpace Out", "iWas A Pageant Girl", "iEnrage Gibby", "iFix A Popstar", and "iWon't Believe In Bigfoot". Some of these episodes are actually longer TV movies, and all three discs include the special features that were included on the single release.

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