The Little Mermaid (Two Disc Platinum Edition)

The Little Mermaid

On DVD: 
Tuesday, October 3, 2006
Running Time: 
83 minutes

Well this has been released 2 previous times; but this 2-disc release will have fans and collectors thrilled. The movie has been restored and is beautiful. Besides that though the bonus features are wonderful. To start out you have the basics commentary by co-writers/directors John Musker & Ron Clements along with composer Alan Menken, a musical sneak peek of Little Mermaid II, song selection, and art galleries. From there you are offered many features that will entertain adults.

There are deleted scenes and an alternate ending which are mainly just sketches, Treasures Untold: The Making of The Little Mermaid, Storm Warning: The Little Mermaid Special Effects Unit, The Story Behind The Story (a feature on Hans Christian Anderson), the early presentation reel, “Silent Is Golden” demo song, the exclusive short “The Little Match Girl”, Behind the Ride That Almost Was (a look at a plan for a ride), Under The Sea Adventure (a virtual ride on the plan), DisneyPedia: Life Under The Sea, and “Kiss The Girl” video from Ashley Tisdale. Well the movie may entertain both kids and parents the bonus features are meant for an older crowd. So if you are thinking about up-grading one of those other DVDs for this one just for your child you may want to think twice on it. For collectors though this is the edition to have.

Review by Lisa Wincott