The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie

The Naked Brothers Band

On DVD: 
Tuesday, April 3, 2007

This “documentary” follows Nat and Alex, brothers that started a band when they were in pre-school called “The Naked Brothers Band".  This band eventually evolved into the “Silver Boulders”. From here there are falling outs, addictions to lemon/lime soda, girl troubles, and other typical “rock band” troubles. Alex and Nat go through some tough times; but then return to the basics starting over again as “The Naked Brothers Band”.

This DVD comes with a bonus CD with songs from the movie (just keep an eye out it seems Amazon doesn’t include it). I know kids are going crazy for The Naked Brothers; but this movie may just push what some parents find appropriate. There is potty talk, and what I found very inappropriate a discussion about women’s breasts. But if you are ok with this there are two bonus features, a making of and the “Crazy Car” karaoke music video. It is a shame that what could have been a really cute kid’s movie was ruined in my opinion by adding in adult situations.

Review by Kathy Marsh